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Are Dental Implants the Best Option

Dental implants are arguably the best method for replacing missing teeth. They are supported by intensive research and proven to work, so there's no wonder most dentists recommend them to their patients, as being the best solution to give them back the health and the functionality of their mouth. However, are these implants the best solution in each and every case? The answer is no, but only Southport Dental is a Gold Coast dentist that can give you a verdict on this issue.

Let's assume you have only one missing tooth. The neighboring ones are already in pretty bad shape, with large cavities, so they are going to need crowns very soon. Under these circumstances, your dentist might decide to give you a bridge instead of an implant to replace your missing tooth. Like this, he can solve all three problems in one go. If he gave you a dental implant, you'd still need two crowns on the adjacent teeth, so why not get a bridge to close the gap and to save your two other teeth as well? Besides, this would save you a lot of money, as you'd only have to pay for the bridge and not for one implant and three crowns.

The other case when dental implants are not an option is the case of very bad gums. If you suffer from periodontal disease, you may have very little jawbone left for the implants to get inserted in. Under these circumstances, your bone may simply be too weak to support this procedure. You'd be better off with other solutions such as dentures and bridges. If your dentist considers it a good option, he or she might treat your gum disease first, and then give you the implants, once your gums become healthy again and your bone is solid enough to receive a metal bit and fuse to it.

The price may also be an important decision factor. Dental implants are expensive treatments so not everybody can afford them. Besides, if you only need one, you may be able to pay for it with a little effort, but if you have to replace three or four missing teeth, the total amount could be far beyond your affordability level. Luckily, many dentists offer their regular patients financing opportunities, so it's worth for you to make an inquiry about this treatment, even if you are pretty sure it's going to be too expensive for you.

Last but not least, there are people with very sensitive immune systems. These people's body may reject the metal of the implant, thus forcing the dentists to seek for alternative solutions. Such cases are rare, but not impossible, even though titanium is well-known for being a metal that's highly compatible with our bones.

In conclusion, although dental implants are the best solution regarding durability and functionality, there are many other factors to be considered when choosing the most appropriate treatment. Your dentist is the most qualified individual to give you advice on this matter.
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